Graffiti vandalism is a $250,000,000.00 per year problem in Australia, and rising. It affects nearly every sector of every Australian community. Installing a security camera is one of the most effective ways to curb the problem and reduce the cost to stop graffiti.

This article will look at 3 major areas affected by the problem:

1) Public Building and School Security,
2) Business Security, and
3) Home Security, and will examine the effect of using security cameras to deter crime.

Graffiti vandalism is on the rise in Australia. In fact, the number of graffiti incidents doubled between 2001 and 2008 (the most recent years for which stats are available) network installation in dubai. The Australian government and concerned citizens are pushing for greater awareness of the problem, as evidenced in the recent “Keep Australia Beautiful” campaign. They are working toward reducing incidents as well as understanding why people participate in this type of crime.

Precious government funds are being diverted from other areas in order to fight this scourge in public areas. Business and property owners are being hit in the wallet too – everyone agrees that preventing graffiti vandalism is more efficient and less costly than cleaning it up afterward.

The problem is, Police can’t be everywhere at once of course, and most private citizens and small business owners can’t afford to hire security staff to deter the problem. So, what to do? It is good to catch offenders and prevent them from becoming re-offenders, but the best solution is preventing the act altogether. Using a security camera is one of the least expensive methods of preventing and deterring this crime.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a system of security cameras which transmit to private receivers, called DVRs (digital video recorders). Any number of security cameras can be utilised to observe graffiti vandalism hotspots. The data may be viewed from the camera as a live feed in real time, or recorded in the DVR for viewing later.

Often, a security camera in plain view is enough to deter a would-be vandal from acting in the first place. And if not, the data recorded during a crime is frequently used to identify and charge a criminal that isn’t discouraged by security cameras.

Unfortunately, statistics indicate that once an area is targeted by vandals, it’s more likely to be targeted again and again. A CCTV system can help identify potential problem spots and keep them from being hit repeatedly.

Anyone owning or managing property can benefit from installing a security camera in other ways than just reducing incidents of graffiti vandalism. Those who can benefit include:

1) Government Offices and Public Buildings (Schools, Hospitals, Rail Stations)

Schools are the most frequently targeted buildings by graffiti vandals. Other commonly-targeted public structures include statues, monuments, overpasses & underpasses, and utility boxes.

Installing CCTV systems in and around these areas may do more than reduce graffiti. Security cameras may record other types of crimes in progress and give police valuable leads to solving them. Cameras in and around schools can also reduce the occurrence of fights and bullying, and generally keep students and staff safer.

2) Corporations or Businesses Looking to Increase Their Business Security

These are the second most frequently targeted structures. Business owners in areas where graffiti vandalism is rampant can install a CCTV security camera system to stop graffiti and solve other types of business crime, too. It can also help to reduce internal theft and keep employees and customers safe.

3) Private Property or Homeowners Concerned About Home Security

Occupied private homes are less frequently targeted than other structures. However, other things on private property, such as walls fences, may be vandalised. This is because they are usually located away from the occupied home and are thus more secluded and vulnerable.

By contrast, unoccupied homes are understandably a magnet for graffiti vandalism. These structures are often chronically targeted and may become problematic to manage without some type of deterrent.

A security camera system is such a deterrent, whether a property is occupied or not. It discourages not only vandalism but also theft, breaking and entering, unlawful occupation and trespassing. Additionally, it protects occupants (if any) from crimes like home invasions and burglaries.

In Conclusion

Criminals do not like to be watched. Statistics bear out the theory that a security camera (or group of security cameras) decreases the likelihood that a building, structure or area will be targeted with graffiti, and it may be the only way to prevent a vulnerable structure from becoming a chronic target.